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The ABVO is a Charter of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists, charged with overseeing credentialing functions of the ACVO. It is an autonomous entity operating within the ACVO's bylaws and overseen by the AVMA's American Board of Veterinary Specialties.

P. Pickett, Chair 13-17
J. Norman 13-17
K. Myrna 14-18
K. Fritz 14-18
T. Michau-Miller 16-19
G. Ben-Shlomo 16-20

R. Allbaugh, Chair 16-19
H. Gray 14-17
C. Pirie 15-18
H. Davidson 16-19


A. Rankin, Chair 10/16-8/18
D. Binder, Co-Chair 10/16-8/19
E. Tolar 10/14-8/17
B. Crumley 10/14-10/17
B. Spiess 10/14-8/17
L. Laratta 8/15 - 10/17
K. Diehl 8/16-10/18
B. Gilger 10/16-8/19
D. Ward 10/16-8/19

MOC, ad hoc

C. Plummer, Chair 16-19
T. Kern 16-17
C. Moore 15-17
A. Yu-Speight 16-19