The American Board of Veterinary Ophthalmology (ABVO) was established in 2012 to oversee the training and certification of veterinary eye specialists in the United States. The ABVO was granted a Charter from the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ACVO) to independently coordinate all aspects of residency training program approval and supervision, candidate credential evaluation, the examination for certification, and the standards for maintenance of certification.

ACVO/ABVO Reorganization History (updated 1/2/2018)

The mission of the ABVO is to maintain and improve the quality of medical care provided by veterinary eye specialists by implementing and regulating professional and educational standards for the certification of ABVO-trained veterinary eye specialists worldwide. The objective of both the certification and maintenance of certification programs is to assure the pet-owning public that professionals certified by the ABVO have completed an approved training program and successfully passed a rigorous examination process designed to assess the medical knowledge and the diagnostic and surgical skills necessary to treat ophthalmic disorders of animals. Once certified, standards for maintenance of certification ensure that these standards of excellence are continued.
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