Current and prospective resident mentors:
Please see below a comprehensive list of suggested questions for resident candidates to consider asking of prospective residency programs. This list of questions has been formulated in an attempt to assist resident candidates in finding appropriate and well planned residency programs to suit their long term professional goals.

Questions for Prospective Residents to Consider Asking Prospective Mentors

1. What is the training record for this Residency Training Program (RTP)?
   •  How many residents has each participant mentor trained over how many years?
   •  How many of the residents trained have gone on to achieve ACVO Diplomate status?
   •  What is the mean number of attempts at the certification examination for final certification/diplomate status of residents trained in this program?
   •  Can mentors provide prospective residents with names and contact information of individuals trained in this RTP?
   •  How many residents have not completed the RTP? Did the resident(s) quit or get fired?

2. What is the financial support for this RTP?
   •  What is the salary paid to the resident?
   •  Is there a financial incentive/revenue sharing plan for number of cases seen/revenue generated?
   •  Is there financial support for ACVO meeting attendance? For other professional development types of meetings?
   •  Is there financial support for the ACVO Basic Sciences course?

3. Are there multiple practices that the resident will be working out of? As the RTP progresses, will the resident be expected to “run” a satellite clinic solo during their non-mentored time?

4. What are the expectations concerning after hours emergency call? How often? Mentor supported?

5. Are there any restrictive covenants concerning practice area, etc. following completion of the RTP?

6. Are there any contractual commitments concerning resident working for mentor’s practice following completion of the RTP?

7. How will species besides dog/cat be dealt with in order to meet needs for a well-rounded RTP?

8. How will mandatory pathology training be accomplished?

9. How will resident rounds and journal/literature review be accomplished?

10. How will library access be accomplished? Is the library on site? Does the mentor have subscriptions to all of the journals if the library is not on site? If the library is not on site how often will the resident be able to spend time at the library?

11. Is there a project required during the RTP? A publication requirement? Graduate school requirement?

12. Was this program advertised or did you, the resident applicant, approach the program?

13. Consider reviewing the blank “program application” form in this website, in the residency section of the website (Residents: Residency Information: Residency Program Application).