(page last updated, 7.15.20)

Please note that the Residency Policies & Procedures document is now located on the "ABVO Documents" page, under "ABVO Policies & Procedures". Consult the P&P index to guide you to the appropriate section.

Critical Dates & Deadlines

Certification Process Flow Chart
(pdf updated 10/2018)


Evaluations are to be conducted via an online system. Supervising Diplomates and ABVO Residents must submit forms through the online portal. If you are having difficulty signing into the portal, please contact the ABVO office. Relevant details will be posted on this prior to the January 5th due date. Questions may be directed to the Residency Committee.

Instructions for Google Sheets
Access the following forms directly:
1) Residents starting in 2018 with minimum requirements (instructions).
2) Residents finishing in 2019, without minimum requirements (instructions).
3) Residents not finishing in 2019, without minimum requirements (instructions).

4) RTP Supplamental Surgical Guide Categories
(updated 11.6.19)

Applications for Universities & Clinics
The updated Residency Training Program Application form is available below.
Download and complete this Word document (updated 7.10.20) and send it to the ABVO office (note change in submission address herein). Please direct any questions to the Residency Committee.

Changes were made to residency requirements, which resulted in the modification of this form in September 2017, read a message from the ABVO and Residency Committee which highlights these changes.

Applications for Prospective Residents

Please reference the Credentials Information page for more information. The Provisional Resident applications are handled by the ABVO Credentials Committee.

Program Supervision Changes and Information on Probation Suspension and Revocation of a Residency Training Program

Download this new document (approved 9.30.19)

Supervising Diplomates Residency Information Form

In order to facilitate timely tracking of Supervising Diplomates’(Sup Dip) information for residents, the ABVO will require all Supervising Diplomates to submit the “Supervising Diplomate” form, beginning August 15th, 2017.

Supervising Diplomates are required to submit ABVO notification form when the following occur:

1) Becoming a Supervising Diplomate or External Participant for the first time, for each resident
2) After a time lapse, if changing or adding additional residents whom are overseen by that SD or EP
3) If exiting from a current residency program and will be replaced by another Supervising Diplomate

IMPORTANT! Before completing this form to remove your status as an SD or EP, you must submit the “Certifying Examination Supervising Diplomate Form" for credentials. This is available when signed in to your ABVO portal, located directly under the ‘Supervising Diplomate Forms’ tab. If this is not submitted through the portal first, you will lose all access to all SD forms on the portal and not be able to complete these for residents in the future.

Submission and confirmation received via the Supervising Diplomate form are the only official means of communication to the Residency Committee in this matter. Emails to the office and to the Residency about such changes will no longer be accepted.